Real-time accent translation for customer support agents using AI

Empower your agents to speak in any accent

Our AI modifies accents in real-time, enabling you to deliver local sounding customer support from anywhere in the world

lower CSAT when agents speak with an unfamilar accent

End users trust, understand, and connect more deeply with agents who sound local. Unfamiliar accents result in poorer comprehension, longer time to resolution, and repeat contacts

Enterprises want to offshore their customer support operations but choose not to because of the accent barrier

With SpeakShyft, enterprises can enjoy the 60%+ cost-savings of offshoring while delivering local sounding customer support

of agents are rejected because of their accents

SpeakShyft enables BPOs to hire broadly across diverse geographies and mitigate the 30%+ annual attrition rate among agents

SpeakShyft's four power features


SpeakShyft modifies accents in real-time without observable lag


SpeakShyft runs locally on your hardware, eliminating data leak risk

Individual control

Agents have the ability to choose when to turn on SpeakShyft


SpeakShyft can be configured to

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Fortune 500 CXO
"We've been hesitant to offshore our customer support operations for years because of the risk of lower CSAT scores. SpeakShyft has enabled us to cut costs while delivering local sounding support"
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BPO Exec
With SpeakShyft, I've been able to hire agents who previously failed our accent criteria and yet deliver the local sounding customer support experience to our end users. It's magical
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Fortune 500 CXO
SpeakShyft has empowered agents to provide customer support in a variety of accents, improving comprehension and CSAT scores
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